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Daily News
Lusa - Business News - East Timor: Most families see food, income situation worsen during pandemic
Díli, July 9,2020 (Lusa)–The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on the food and income situation of most Timorese families, worsening conditions...
CNA - سفير المانيا لدى قبرص يصرح أن بلاده مستعدة لإجراء مناقشات صعبة وتسويات حول القضايا الملحة التي تواجه الاتحاد الأوروبي
وكالة الأنباء القبرصية - قبرص / نيقوسيا - مهى ميخائيل
صرح سفير المانيا لدى قبرص خلال عرض أولويات بلاده التي تولت رئاسة مجلس الاتحاد الأوروبي في الأول من تموز / يوليو...
Lusa - Business News - Equatorial Guinea: Recession of 11.3% forecast for 2020 - ADB
Abidjan,July 9,2020(Lusa)-The African Development Bank(ADB) on Thursday aggravated the forecast of a sharp drop in Equatorial Guinea's economy to 11.3%...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Porto council to open tender for new bridge across river Douro when
Porto,July 9,2020(Lusa)–The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, said that as soon as the law for the design-building tender is changed,...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Portable air conditioners 50% less efficient than fixed, energy labels
Lisbon,July 9,2020(Lusa)–Portable air conditioners are half as efficient as fixed ones and their labels fool consumers, warned environmentalist associations Zero...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Stock market opens Thursday session rising 0.31%
Lisbon,July 9,2020(Lusa)-The Lisbon Stock Exchange opened Thursday on positive ground, with the main index, the PSI20, up 0.31% to 4,490.19points....
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Thursday
Lisbon,July 9,2020(Lusa)–Controversy over Mario Centeno’s nomination as governor of the central bank and the death of ex-PM Jose Socrates’ lawyer...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Top headlines on Monday

Lisbon, May 25,2020(Lusa)– Many of the papers are writing about how the economy is going to get back to work and the fall-out from the pandemic.


- "More than 1,500 people remain in hospitals despite being released"

- "Parties’ ideas to restart the economy"

- "Four districts without fire-fighting aircraft"

Correio da Manhã:

- "Maritime police prepare drones to watch over beaches"

- "Restaurant owner arrested. More than 50% full"

- "EDP case: Mexia’s bonuses in super-judge’s crosshairs"

- "Only 35% of jobless get benefits"

Jornal de Notícias

- "Pirate sites and TV numbers jump in pandemic"

- "Fuel prices rise again"

- "Unemployment up 52% in youths under 24"

- "Most asylum requests rejected"

Jornal i

- "Portuguese scientists develop App to know who was in contact with infected people"

- "Personal finances. See how to choose the best telecom package"

- "Number of companies that have dismissed or intend to dismiss staff doubles"


- "Anti-covid App ready by the holidays"

- "See the future of air travel"

- "’If nothing happens by late May, many restaurants will close', [Ana Jacinto, secretary-general of AHRESP]"

- "Government amends budget without knowing what revenues it will have"

- "How to apply for the €100M to support companies getting back to work"

- "Domestic golf industry loses €700 million with pandemic"



Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-05-26 09:18:00


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