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Lusa - Business News - Portugal: 'Startup invests €100,000+ in digital menu solution

Lisbon, May 22, 2020 (Lusa) - Portuguese startup Zwypit has invested more than €100,000 in the creation of a platform that will replace physical menus in restaurants with a digital one, foreseeing to internationalize the concept for Spain, those responsible told Lusa.

The Zwypit solution results in a set of 'slides' created by the restaurants and shared with the customer through a 'link' [connection] in an easy way and without the use of extra applications or 'software' by the customers, "ensuring the safety of employees and customers", in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to technology.

Zwypit Boost Your Network was created by entrepreneurs Martim de Barros and Pedro Leal de Faria and results in a "new digital communication channel that works as a 'networking' platform for individuals, professionals, companies and brands", according to those responsible.

Asked about the investment in this platform, they said that "the investment value is over €100,000", supported by a 'business angel'.

The solution is on sale since 13 May, the day on which the catering business resumed its activity following the Covid-19 pandemic.

"In 24 hours30 more spaces joined", Martim de Barros and Pedro Faria said.

When asked if they intended to internationalise the concept, they confirmed this objective.

"Yes, this concept aims to enter the Spanish market in June and could be a platform of use for anyone in any country," they said.

About how the idea came about, Martim de Barros explained to Lusa that "Zwypit is a platform accessible to everyone that comes to meet all these needs in the area of product management, teams and sales".

Pedro Leal de Faria said that "Zwypit was designed to solve this difficulty by democratising communication".

Zwypit foresees that the solution will be "used by 400 restaurants within one month and triple in two months to 1,200 spaces".

Besides the menu, restaurants can communicate other services through this solution.

Meanwhile, Segafredo, Nicola and Chave d'Ouro, of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Iberia Group, announced their willingness to support restaurants in adopting Zwypit, assuming 50% of the subscription costs of the solution.



Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-05-23 09:18:27


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