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Lusa - Business News - Angola: Privatisation of phase 2 of industrial units postponed to 27 May

Luanda, May 22, 2020 (Lusa) - Angola's Institute for Management of Assets and State Participation (IGAPE) postponed the privatisation of 13 industrial units in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone (SEZ) until May 27, reviewing downwards the prospect of income.

The deadline for the international public tender ended on Friday, but was postponed to next Wednesday, in order to meet the requests of the various investors who intend to visit and obtain more information about the assets.

"As the state of emergency ends on Monday and there are people who are outside Luanda, we prefer to ait to see what measures will be taken and give some more time," taking into account the health cordon imposed in this province due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a source linked to the process said.

A "downward" reassessment of asset reference prices was also made, which include

Indupackage, linked to the manufacture of metal packaging, Concrete (prefabricated and prestressed concrete), Galvanang (hot-dip galvanization), Inducarpin (carpentry), Induplas (plastic bags), Indutive (paints and varnishes) and Mangotal (metal towers).

The list includes Pipeline (PVC pipes), Telhafel (metal tiles), Transplas (PE PVC fittings), Vedatela (wire fencing), Absor (absorbents) and Saciango (cement bags).

In total, the privatisation may yield the Angolan State around USD 71 million (€65 million), according to the reference prices of each unit.

This process follows another, which took place between 28 February and 31 May 2019, when IGAPE put up for sale a batch of seven industrial units in the SEZ - Univitro (glass processing), Juntex (mortar), Carton (cartoning), Absor (absorbents), Indugidet (hygiene products and detergents), Coberlen (blankets) and Saciango (cement bags).

After assessing the bids received, the IGAPE Negotiating Committee decided to award Carton, Indugidet, Juntex, Univitro and Coberlan to the bidders Angoalissar, Azoria, Ecoindustry and Zeepack, while Absor and Saciango were left out.

A SEZ is a space endowed with tax benefits and competitive advantages, a State property with 21 reserves, seven industrial, six for agriculture and eight for mining activities.



Agency : LUSA

Date : 2020-05-23 09:17:50


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