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Daily News
ATA - Gjipe beach, hidden gem of Albanian Riviera, ready to welcome tourists this summer
TIRANA,May24/ATA/–The Gjipe beach, regarded as a hidden gem in Albania, is absolutely one of the best beaches along the Albanian...
NNA - Covid-19: 17 nouvelles personnes testées positives
ANI–Le ministère de la Santé publique a annoncé ce dimanche dans son rapport quotidien 17 nouveaux cas confirmés de coronavirus,...
ATA - Discover Gjirokastra, city of tradition, history and culinary / Golemi to ATA: Free entry to museums for all visitors
TIRANA,May 23/ATA/-By A.Fortuzi/–Gjirokastra, a charming, ancient town perched high above the Drina Valley in southern Albania, is ready to welcome...
NNA - وزارة الصحة: 17 إصابة جديدة
وطنية - سجلت وزارة الصحة العامة 17 حالة كورونا جديدة، رفعت العدد التراكمي الى 1114 اصابة.

(مراجعة الصورة البيانية)
ATA - Renowned academician: Albania impressive results and positive example in management of pandemic
TIRANA, May 23 /ATA/ “Albania is one of positive examples in management of epidemic,” as. Prof. Arjan Durrës said.
The academician,...
NNA - مستشفى الحريري: لا حالات حرجة وإخراج حالة إلى العزل المنزلي
وطنية - أعلن مستشفى رفيق الحريري الجامعي، في تقريره اليومي عن آخر المستجدات حول فيروس كورونا Covid- 19، أن عدد الفحوصات التي أجريت داخل مختبرات المستشفى خلال ال24 ساعة المنصرمة،...
ATA - COVID-19/ Ministry of Health: 9 new cases in Tirana, Durrës and Shkodër, number of those infected goes up to 998
TIRANA, May 24 /ATA/ The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has informed that in the last 24 hours 9...
Lusa - Business News - Guinea-Bissau: Government hands over hidden debts docs to public prosecutor

Sao Tome, Oct. 9, 2019 (Lusa) – Sao Tome’s government has handed over to the public prosecutor's office documents containing hidden debts contracted by the government of Patrice Trovoada, estimated at 1.97 billion dobras (€80.391 million), a government statement said on Tuesday.
The document signed by the minister of planning, finance and the blue economy, Osvaldo Vaz, states that the total of the so-called hidden debts is estimated at 1,970,732,000 dobras of Sao Tome, corresponding to €80.391 million.
These are debts for the year 2018 and are not included in the stock of the debt accounted for until 31 December 2018, the executive's note said.
According to the government, it is a burden of domestic debt never registered in Sao Tome and Principe during the term of the different governments.
The debts calculated to date had not been recorded in the stock of the country's debt or the table of financial operations of the state since these are the main instruments that reflect the financial situation of the public treasury, the note.
According to the executive, in the context of these debts, the difference in fuel prices comes in the foreground with a total of €34 million (currency referred to in the rest of the statement).
The document also mentioned the debts to six civil construction companies, namely the Portuguese Mota-Engil, Socobrise and Cunha Soares and the Sao Tomean companies Constromé, Constep and EBCI, in the amount of €23.8 million.
The defaults on the Water and Electricity Company (Emae) amount to €8.2 million, on the Sao Tomean Telecommunications Company (CST) to €7.06 million, as well as wage costs estimated at €6.2 million, among other debts.
The hidden debts are sent to the public prosecutor's office four days after the prime minister, Jorge Bom Jesus, announced in a press conference that his government would send them to justice for due clarification and possible administrative or criminal accountability.


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2019-10-10 17:12:02


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