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Daily News
NNA - Rencontre oecuménique mondiale des Jeunes à Beyrouth
ANI - La Rencontre oecuménique mondiale des Jeunes 2019 a lancé dimanche ses travaux à Beirut Water front.
Cette activité...
NNA - البطولة المدرسية للرقص الرياضي في مدينة رفيق الحريري الجامعية بالحدث
وطنية - استضافت قاعة المؤتمرات في مدينة الشهيد الرئيس رفيق الحريري الجامعية في الحدت البطولة المدرسية للرقص الرياضي المتنوع، ضمن دورة الألعاب الرياضية المدرسية التي تنظمها وحدة الأنشطة الرياضية والكشفية...
TAP - Tunis Summit: Which impact on Arab region?
(TAP)-Tunis is hosting on March 31,2019 the 30th Arab Summit in a context of crises, conflicts and inter-Arab divergences, not...
NNA - ماراثون صيدا الدولي ينطلق بسباقات ال42 و21 كلم
وطنية - انطلق عند السابعة صباحا من امام مدينة الرئيس الشهيد رفيق الحريري الرياضية عند مدخل صيدا الشمالي "ماراثون صيدا الدولي الثاني" الذي تنظمه جمعية "صيدا انترناشيونال ماراثون"، بالتعاون مع...
NNA - ندوة حول النساء الرائدات في المجتمع
وطنية - نظمت مديرة ومؤسسة 'لنتخرج' فرح فرشوخ ندوة حوارية عن 'النساء الرائدات في المجتم'، استضافت فيها النائب رولا الطبش جارودي ورئيسة المجلس اللبناني للسيدات القياديات في لبنان مديحة رسلان....
NNA - احتفال لمناسبة مرور 50 عاما على تأسيس الصليب الاحمر فرع انطلياس النقاش
وطنية - إحتفل الصليب الأحمر اللبناني فرع أنطلياس - النقاش بمرور 50 عاما على تأسيسه في مركز لقاء في الربوة، برعاية رئيس الصليب الأحمر الدكتور أنطوان الزغبي وحضوره الى النائب...
NNA - Thirty thousand participants join in Sidon's 2nd International Marathon
NNA - Sidon, the capital of the South, registered a record number of participants in the second international marathon in...
NNA - خسارة ثانية للمنتخب الأولمبي أمام السعودية
وطنية - عانى منتخب لبنان الأولمبي (تحت 23 سنة)، من خسارة ثانية أمام السعودية 0- 2 اليوم، على ملعب الأمير فيصل بن فهد في العاصمة الرياض، في ثاني مبارياته بالتصفيات...
TAP - لقمة العربية في تونس :مميزاتها وإنعكاساتها على محيطها الإقليمي
(وات) - تحتضن تونس يوم 31 مارس 2019 القمة العربية في دورتها الثلاثين، وسط تواتر في الأزمات والصراعات البينية عربيا، وتباين في المواقف والآراء حول مختلف القضايا العربية، ناهيك...
CNA - القبض في قبرص على رجل مطلوب في ألمانيا لارتكابه عملاً إرهابياً
وكالة الأنباء القبرصية - قبرص / نيقوسيا - مهى ميخائيل
أعلن المتحدث الرسمي باسم الحكومة برودروموس برودرومو أنه تم إلقاء القبض على شخص ملاحق قضائياً أمام محكمة ألمانية بسبب أعمال إرهابية...
EFE - ITALY ARCHEOLOGY - What secrets do mummies hold? Science unravels all at Turin Egypt exhibition
By Gonzalo Sánchez
Turin (Italy), Mar 24 (EFE).- Kha and Merit lived in Egypt more than three thousand years ago and...
Lusa - Business News - Mozambique: 'Cyclone is good reason to forgive debt' - NGO
Maputo, Mar. 24 (Lusa) - Non-governmental organisations that represent civil society in Mozambique said that the impact of Cyclone Idai...
CNA - Spokesman says 6th post program review confirms government’s orientation
CNA - ΝICOSIA - Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou has said that the remarks of the 6th Post Program Review on...
Lusa - Business News - Portugal: Sonae IM takes majority in Luxembourg cybersecurity provider Excellium

Lisbon, Jan. 10 (Lusa) – Portugal’s Sonae Investment Management (Sonae IM) on Thursday announced the purchase of a majority stake in Excellium, a Luxembourg-based leader in cybersecurity services with a presence in Belgium.
According to Sonae IM, a unit of Sonae that focusses on investment in technology, its new subsidiary has more than 100 expert staff who provide professional and managed services through its proprietary cybersecurity management solution SOC Eyeguard.
"The company has a customer base that includes the most renowned financial institutions, government entities and other economic groups with activity in Benelux," said Sonae IM in a statement.
With this acquisition, the price for which was not disclosed, "Excellium and S21sec – a company already in the portfolio of Sonae IM, a leader and pioneer at the Iberian level in cybersecurity services, with a major presence in Latin America - reinforce their portfolio of services and technologies, giving customers access to a still more complete, innovative and integrated offer of cybersecurity solutions," the company said.
It described the purchase as "particularly important" at a time when cybercrime has been growing exponentially, since it "increases the capacity for innovation of both companies for the provision of highly specialised services in combating these threats."
The Europe-wide scale of the two companies, "with a presence in several countries, will enable them to address the growing demand of all organisations and, more specifically, the needs of large enterprises in the European market, ensuring an agile and rapid response from highly specialised teams, working close to the customer," it said.
Given "the current fragmentation of the cybersecurity market”, it added, the move “positions Excellium and S21sec as one of the independent European leaders of managed security services, with more than 500 professionals and with the capacity to accelerate its growth plan."
The statement quoted Carlos Alberto Silva, managing director of Sonae IM, as saying that Excellium “represents our gateway to the high added value markets” of Europe’s most developed economies.
"Following the acquisition in 2016 of Sysvalue, in Portugal, and the merger of S21sec with Nextel in Spain, during 2018, this transaction reinforces our commitment to the consolidation of the sector,” he stressed. “In addition, this is a major milestone in our trajectory, as our tenth investment in cybersecurity since 2014."
Christophe Bianco, managing partner at Excellium, said that "in Sonae IM, Excellium has found not only a financial investor, but also a partner with knowledge of the sector and which has distinctive assets in the field of cybersecurity." This, he went on, “gives us the possibility of writing a new chapter in the development of the company.”
Sonae IM currently has more than 20 major stakes in companies with high-tech potential or in development phases ranging from startup to growth phases.
It has also invested as a limited partner in three funds managed by Armilar Venture Partners that has stakes in 22 companies, including Outsystems and Feedzai.
Excellium was founded five years ago in Luxembourg and currently has a commercial presence in six other countries (Belgium, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal and Ivory Coast), working for more than 140 customers.


Agency : LUSA

Date : 2019-01-11 08:51:41


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